Re: Membership drive

El vie, 22-07-2005 a las 09:51 +0200, Philip Van Hoof escribió:
> c) .. the GNOME Foundation exists. And that's mainly because the GNOME
> Foundation is way to 'silent'. I don't see a lot articles in magazines
> and/or online news coming from or about the GNOME Foundation.

this is a very important point, for sure there is a link in the gnome
page, but the foundation itself is not well promoted, and you can get a
good promotion if you do for example cool or useful things.

> About 'more' being 'good':
> IMHO the GNOME Foundation could give it's member more responsibility.
> Responsibility like doing talks and organising boots at conferences
> (requesting the "Murray Cumming"-GNOME Box* :p). Maybe could the
> Foundation make a list of tasks that could be done by members. There's
> plenty of things todo of which most GNOME Foundation members are capable
> of doing. Like writing the API documentation for gnome-print! :)

yes this is very important too, as i see today there's a list of duties
and rights but are those enough?, as i see the membership must be
another way to contribute to GNOME, doing advocacy, helping hackers in
other tasks, and of course hackers should be members.

before to think about get more members foundation must decide what can
be offered for those members and what it want from them.

> I propose we do an IRC-meeting (with the current members) about what the
> GNOME Foundation could/should become/do.


Fernando San Martín Woerner
Jefe de Informática 
Galilea S.A.

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