Re: Membership drive

Hi Dave,

On Thu, July 21, 2005 17:51, Dave Neary said:
> Hi,
> I don't know who the best people to talk to about this are, but it would
> be great to have a membership drive for the foundation in September or
> October.
> Membership of the foundation has been stagnant, and I know that lots of
> people who are elligible have never asked to join (GIMP developers come
> to mind). What can be done (and by whom) to make membership more
> attractive?
> Can we move away from the "can I be in your club" model to the "come
> join us" model, where existing members can invite people to join, rather
> than the person needing to ask?
> Why is it that people who identify as GNOME contributors aren't in the
> foundation?

This would be a good idea. But I'd first like to know why a lot of GNOME
Foundation members do not vote during the elections/referenda.
I asked the questions in January 2004 [1], but I did not get a lot of
answers (3 or 4, iirc).

What do people expect from being member of the Foundation? Sometimes,
I have the feeling that's "I can have a address". And nothing
else. Why? How can we change it? (or am I the only one who thinks we
should try to change this?)



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