Re: [guadec-list] Re: Barcelona report

<quote who="The Face of Sun Microsystems">

> > I'd also like some (or even one) real beginner talks to sell GNOME to
> > complete newbies, telling people what GNOME is, what it looks/feels
> > like, and what it can do. But that's just a question of someone
> > proposing such talks and the papers committee accepting them.
> So this is cool and I do agree. I'm just not completely convinced GUADEC
> is a good audience for this. It seems like these would be more appropriate
> at other conferences, and we should be pushing them there.

Agree. Potential contributers aren't already at GUADEC. They're at a host of
other FOSS/Linux events around the world. And that's where we're going to
get them.

- Jeff

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