Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Official list of candidates

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 danilo gnome org wrote:

> Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 23:48:50 +0100
> From: danilo gnome org
> To: Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie>
> Cc: Robert Love <rml novell com>, foundation-list gnome org
> Subject: Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Official list of candidates
> Hi Alan, Robert,
> Today at 22:23, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Robert Love wrote:
> >
> >> Right, people can vote for any number of people with a shared
> >> affiliation and someone might indeed want to vote for all six Novell
> >> employees, but in this voting system that can result in scenarios where
> >> I decrease the chances of the "more likely" four winning.
> >
> > Correct.
> >
> >> I am not arguing for or against changing to a Ranked Ballot system, just
> >> trying to explain what Alan is saying.
> >
> > I was trying to point out some facts.
> > In case anyone is wondering I'm not in any way against the quota.

> > Maybe I should resisted the temptation to mention my desire to change the
> > voting system but I cannot help but throw that in anychance I get (and
> > I'll probably be suggesting compulsory turnout next if you are not careful
> > :)
> I don't see anything wrong with your desire (or temptation for that
> matter :) to propose alternative voting system, but I'm not sure one
> of your (probably not too important) points was correct.  I may, of
> course, be wrong about that myself.

The problem is that the suggestion is largely unrrelated to how the
current system of quotas will effect the voting.

I think have made it clear that the quotas will effect anyone who intends
to vote for the Novell candidates.

I think I have drawn peoples attention to how their votes will work and
that not voting for a full 11 candidates will have a small effect the
weight of their votes for other candidates.

So I'm done.


Alan H.

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