Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Official list of candidates

Hi Alan,
Today at 19:41, Alan Horkan wrote:

> Unfortunately this means that if you feel strongly about electing a
> particular candidate you are reducing their odds of getting elected if you
> also vote for any of the other candidates.  (Which is why I would be
> strongly in favour of moving to a ranked system of Preferential Voting [3]
> for next year.) This effect will be particularly harsh for the Novell
> candidates, two of whom cannot be elected.

I think nothing stops anyone from voting for all six of Novell
employees (there's no rule against it, AFAIK).  They cannot all be
elected, but I don't see how this system of voting is worse for them
(not taking the "4-rule" into account) than any other system (which
would be used along with the "4-rule").  If they're all "popular"
candidates, they'll end up in a battle between themselves, using any
of the systems.  If some of them are not "popular", they won't be
elected no matter what :-)


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