Re: Official Compliant

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 11:33:41AM +0200, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> Hello representants of GNOME,
> I would like to take the chance to fill a compliant about abusive
> behaviour within GNOME and would like that these practices are being
> stopped quickly. Here are two things that came into my mind so far:
> July/msg00099.html
> I feel quite offended by the behaviour of Marc McLoughlin and his way of
> enforcing rules and separation of people. Aren't there any guidelines or
> rules in the GNOME carta how the community has to be treated or how to
> act in the public ? Wasn't GNOME a open community, open for everyone to
> participate and bring up points to dicussion ?

Ali I suspect you are misinterpreting Marc's intent here.  He has
adopted the thankless role trying to keep the primary development
lists useful by moving unrelated discussion into more appropriate
forums.  Having the core lists clogged with unrelated discussion is
not useful.  The subject of button order in the HIG seems unlikely
to produce constructive results on desktop-devel.  As Marc pointed
out there is a list for that, usability or openhci.

GNOME is, as it always has been, open and inclusive.  Maintaining that
openness with the increased size of the community requires work.
New contributors tend to be put off when joining and getting
barraged by flamefests or having their inboxes filled with
discussion of threads unrelated to the list.

I don't know of a mechanism for responding to an 'Official'
complaint but my unofficial response is to suggest that Marc's
advice and intent were good.  If you have some proposals for
improving the HIG, they are welcome, the usability lists are the
best place to start.

Best Wishes
    Jody Goldberg

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