Re: Official Compliant

Hello Ali,

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 11:33 +0200, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> Hello representants of GNOME,
> I would like to take the chance to fill a compliant about abusive
> behaviour within GNOME and would like that these practices are being
> stopped quickly. Here are two things that came into my mind so far:
> July/msg00099.html
> I feel quite offended by the behaviour of Marc McLoughlin and his way of
> enforcing rules and separation of people. Aren't there any guidelines or
> rules in the GNOME carta how the community has to be treated or how to
> act in the public ? Wasn't GNOME a open community, open for everyone to
> participate and bring up points to dicussion ?

Desktop-devel-list is for developers and contributors. Although a bit
harsh, I must admit, Mark's e-mails have stated very clearly the
boundaries of the discussions.

I must say that I welcome this decision as I had already unsubscribed
twice from d-d-l just because of the noise (ie. replying to
uninteresting threads without adding any value to the discussion, see
the "flags" thread for example).

Make sure your discussion are on topic, that they bring value to the
discussion, avoid rehashing already done and gone discussions (button
order...), and better the opinion that other community members would
have of you by avoiding this sort of "compliant" (sic) e-mails, and
trying to make yourself a martyr of the community.

Cheers, and looking forward to more of your contributions.

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 
Her voice had that tense, grating quality, like a first-generation
thermal paper fax machine that needed a band tightened. 

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