Re: Who would like to host GUADEC in 2006

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 14:49 +0100, Juantomás García wrote:
> Hello Anne,
> El jue, 16-12-2004 a las 00:05 +0100, Anne Østergaard escribió:
> > Hello
> > 
> > I was thinking of where GUADEC should have its conference in 2006.
> > 
> I would like to propose Valencia-Spain. I'm working in a detailed plan
> to have the conference in Valencia 2006-July. The plan is very ambitious
> and will be hold another parallels Free Software / Creative commons
> events.

Thank you Juantomas.

I am all for the advancement of GNOME, Free Software and the Creative
Commons Licenses. I am involved in all tree myself.

Just yesterday I was invited to the launch party for may be the first
"Open Source Beer" under a Creative Commons License, "Attribution and
Share Alike". Explanation in English is available.

We are fortunate that so many would be proud to host GUADEC.

Finally it is The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors that decides which
invitation to accept for a specific year.

I am sure they are looking out for where there is an important potential
for spreading the knowledge about the advantages of using GNOME.

Places where GNOME can offer a helping hand with the dialog to the local
community and so to speak put the local region in focus and the country
on the world map of GNOME and Free Software attention.

Thank you for your good work!

Gnome Christmas greetings


Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu>

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