Who would like to host GUADEC in 2006


I was thinking of where GUADEC should have its conference in 2006.

The reason I mention this subject so early is that organizations that
would like to host the GUADEC conference after Germany might like long
time to prepare such a big and important event. 

Representatives of organizations interested in submitting a proposal
to host this "European GNOME World Conference" tradition might like to
attend a guadec-planning meeting as a guest.

If I was going to be a possible host country I would like to have
participated in at least one GNOME conference and possibly have been
helping in the previous planning committee on the mailing list and in
the conference calls to get a feeling of what is needed in terms of

Host committees in both Kristiansand and Stuttgart sent a representative
to a previous GUADEC to see what it entails.

GNOME Greetings 


Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu>

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