Re: Bounty hunt, round 2.

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 08:13, Owen Taylor wrote:
> In terms of this particular issue, however, there was no decision to
> relaunch the bounties. The particular way that the GNOME foundation
> should be working with Novell in this area will definitely be
> the top agenda item for our meeting next week.

Great, I think that is important.

One thing that I think should be discussed and seems to have been
dropped from the most recent conversation is the criteria for
acceptance.  I think that if the GNOME foundation is going to
administrate the bounties, their payout shouldn't be dependent on
maintainers accepting the patches.  Basically, make the maintainer's
choice on accepting the patch separate from the bounty all together. 
This makes it the responsibility of the poster of the bounty to get with
the maintainer if they want their bounty to get in. (and, hopefully,
they would do this before hand)


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