Re: GNOME Foundation Annual Elections - proposal

петак, 12. септембар 2003. 18:26:31 CEST — Aleksey Sanin написа:

0) Voter responsibility.
"Open" voting is really open. You have to think about your decisions and take responsibility for what you are doing.

That's nice part, but the problem with that is that you have to "justify" your opinions. This can lead to bigger problems (flames, quarells etc).

1) Voting results manipulation.
Anonymous voting is more vulnerable to voting results manipulations because of its closed nature. There is a good proposal to allow voter to view his/her results after voting but it's not enough.

I'll repeat how I understood the proposed system.

Everyone sends vote to some address (eg. "vote-for-board gnome org"). You *must* include your name, key and all that's needed in that vote.

But, instead of publishing all the votes unaltered, the names are replaced with the given key. That way, if someone's vote was altered, (s)he can protest publicly, and everyone will know that there's been a fraud going on ;-)

For example, lets say I got the key "102AD" and you got "FGE1". When the voting is completed, results would be published in the form of:

102AD: voted for Superman, Dick Tracey, Batman
FGE1: voted for Batman, Robin, and Skeleton

Since you know your own key, you may easily see that noone played with your vote. And everyone can check her/his own vote, so there's no need for you to know who is actually "102AD" -- he can check for himself. All we need to do then is to count the number of votes, and we see that Batman wins :-)

Of course, I could have misunderstood the proposition (at least that Batman part ;-)


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