Questions for candidates

Vincent wrote,

> Telsa will soon send questions she has selected from the FootNotes
> article to the candidates to launch a debate on foundation-list. Feel
> free to participate to the debate.

So here we go. I picked these questions by ruling out anything to 
do with hacking and development and focusing on things I thought 
were directly board-related. As Vincent said when he posted the 
story, being on the board is not a technical job. Therefore, I 
missed out two or three of the questions despite the large threads 
generated from them and my own curiosity. No other reason.
Many people sought either to include several questions or to give
a lot of background to explain where they were coming from. Had I
included all that, the question email alone would have been gigantic.
Therefore, I have summarised the question where I could and put a
link to the original post. (Thanks, Company, whoever you are, for
showing me how to create links that went to the right posts!)
Where there were multiple questions per post, there were often
redundancies, so I have quoted or summarised the one I was looking at.
**  Given the above, please read the posts to get an   **
**  idea of where the questioners were coming from.    **
Finally, where there was a choice between a "negative question"
(what do we get wrong) and a positive one (what can we get right),
I went for the positive one.
I believe I have summarised reasonably, except for the final one.
It interested me despite the moderation, and it mentioned
documentation in the post :) I also changed "foundation" to 
"foundation board" in question 2.

A couple of these were moderated down, so you might need to 
alter your preferences if you have a Gnotices account and don't
see them.

Thank you to everyone who posted questions. 


 1 How do you manage your time and that of others? 

 2 How are you going to treat your current Gnome work once you become 
   a foundation board member? Will it suffer?

 3 Which parts of the Gnome project do you think work well and would 
   like to encourage further?

 4 The GNOME team has been working on several features to promote use of 
   GNOME in small and medium business environments, which will potentially 
   deliver GNOME many users. What are you going to do to promote the use of 
   GNOME within these environments?

 5 What do you see as current threats to the future of a complete Free 
   Software desktop? And what would you like the GNOME Foundation to be 
   doing to address these issues?

 6 What ideas, if any, do you have regarding GNOME and the rest of the 
   world (as in not USA and other "central" countries) ?

 7 What is your commitment to transparency and open books? Given this 
   commitment what steps will you take over the next year to realize 
   your vision?

 8 What would you do to increase community participation in the GNOME 
   community and GNOME elections?

 9 Do you have any thoughts on how to expand the developer base?

10 [Long introduction I hesitate to summarise, but I believe the gist
   of the question to be] how do you propose to fix the lack of apparent 
   structure or direction which causes a loss of momentum?

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