Re: About the future of X (Windows)

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 09:41:20PM -0500, Jody Goldberg was heard to remark:
> Just on the basis on the extensions mentioned above it seems fairly
> clear where our preferred branch lies.  Keith and his faction appear
> to have historically been more attuned to the needs of our
> communities.   This split seems very similar to egcs vs gcc.  The
> best way I can see to heal the rift would be to come down clearly in
> support of Keith's work and proposals.  The sooner the core X folk
> accept the arguments of Keith et all and start being more responsive
> to the needs of their community the better.

I would agree, except for one important thing: there seems to be some
weird-ass backstabbing and accusations of lying and so on that I haven't
gotten to the bottom of.   Keith may be an angel, but he has mud all 
over him, and that's bad.

Gnome needs to be on the side of innovation and responsiveness, 
but people are saying bad things about Keith, and if there's any truth 
to it, it does not benefit Gnome to take sides with "the bad guy".  
There's a bit of a stink with secret plans and cabals and vested
interests and all that shit that developers hate.  

Gnome needs to say 'we support these innovations, and we support an
open, active, responsive process in which we can participate.'  But
I think the stinky air has to clear a bit before we say 'Gnome supports


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