Re: Conference Booth Organization

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 11:11:49AM -0700, Leslie Proctor wrote:
> Let Tim Ney know if you know of a conference
> opportunity - he knows the budget capabilities and can
> get permission for the spending from the Board.  Do it
> as early as possible.  A bunch of the things discussed
> exist, but if there's not enough time to get them to a
> volunteer, then it's no good.  

Doing it early is probably the biggest thing to take back.
It tends to flush out all the problems beforehand and reduce
stress for all involved.  

> We've done things in the past like send a printing
> order to a local Kinko's for pick up by volunteers (if
> there's a Kinko's in the area)That way all the
> volunteer has to do is pick up the order.   We've also

This is a great idea.  Unfortunately, the timing was very
poor.  Everyone on the board was at GUADEC so there was no
one to interface with.  Also, whats the right channel to 
request funding for participation?  director gnome org?

> sent files to be printed locally and we've shipped the
> materials directly.   But time is needed to plan and a
> couple of weeks is simply not enough.  Often, even a
> month isn't enough.

Yeah, I would imagine that larger conferences need more time.
As you would want a greater level of exposure.  OSCON was fairly
small compared to various other conferences like Linuxworld I would

> Everything that would be in a media kit is on the
> GNOME web site and can be pulled off at any time. 
> It'd consist of recent press releases, and the general
> description of GNOME.

I combed through the website looking for materials.  I did use the
GNOME press releases (very well done btw) to send a description
of the project.  But materials for the booth itself still needs
some love.  

Another missing tidbit is standard image formats of the GNOME logo.
I got mine from Tigert from his website.  We should probably 
get some basic sizes of the GNOME logo into the foundation list
and put it under media or something like that.  These are not on
the GNOME website.

> We could use a disk of some kind with screenshots,

Well, we could get this from which has a number of
screenshots of GNOME in action.

> etc.  If anyone wants to step forward and make that,
> it'd be very appreciated.

Ack..I want to, but I don't want to commit to anything yet. :/


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