Re: Questions

"Andreas J. Guelzow" <aguelzow taliesin ca> writes:
>> It's as simple as this: you're claiming to provide a full Gnome,
> I do not claim any such thing, in fact I have nothing to do with
> CVSGnome nor do I know what a "full Gnome" is.

I used "you" in 'impersonal' form, meaning "someone".  Andrew Sobala
probably explained better than I could what "full Gnome" is (and
that's what I reffered to).

As for the rotation of release team members (one of Ali's main
points), I think there should first be some candidates, and only then
we should discuss if it's doable or possible.

I mean, yeah, rotation of release team members designed in such a
manner not to stall releases is a Good Thing, but who's willing to
step up, and make any kind of guarantee and take responsibility?


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