Re: Questions

Eric Baudais wrote:
> However if only a single system is the problem then maybe the
> person promoting the system is at fault instead of the GNOME
> project as a whole.

Hello Eric,

thank you for your reply but I must admit that the content of your reply
is highly irritating me and I am curious if the message that I wanted to
tell has been understood or even read. Your reply contains sentences
which I consider 'highly offensive' and thus it's not suited for a
normal and good conversation with the participants here.

But I like to give you a reply to my concrete case here. It's not like I
haven't asked for inclusion more than one time and when it's permanently
ignored or rejected then there must be something wrong. And it's
definately not from my side. What else can I do than asking a few times
and if it's ignored - to make an own conclusion that there must be
something wrong at the root of it ? The reasons are simple and easy
'bias', 'control' and 'internal arrangement'. There is no chance for me
to do ANYTHING about that. It is impossible.

I want to have the people understand the problem here. The general
problem. After investigating into this I only figured out that the
release team has no rotation as it is described on the Webpage which I
am worried about. I do believe that rotation will grant chances for
other projects as well.

Everything else has been written in the reply I gave to John Fleck. It
was no personal insult or something it was just a good reply that I gave
to him in the way I see the things. Please participate in a good way to
discussion since I consider it highly important and I do believe we all
want to get along nicely here. If that's impossible please let me know.

I will first wait for an reply of John. My email address (we can do this
privately as well) should be known as of now.

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