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On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 07:51:10AM +0100, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> Eric Baudais wrote:
> > However if only a single system is the problem then maybe the
> > person promoting the system is at fault instead of the GNOME
> > project as a whole.
> Hello Eric,
> thank you for your reply but I must admit that the content of your reply
> is highly irritating me and I am curious if the message that I wanted to
> tell has been understood or even read. Your reply contains sentences
> which I consider 'highly offensive' and thus it's not suited for a
> normal and good conversation with the participants here.

Unfortunately your replies also contain sentences which are offensive
concerning hard working people who are only wanting to make GNOME a
better desktop.  However I believe we are both above pointing out our
petty differences and can ignore any sentences which may seem at the
time 'irritating.'

> But I like to give you a reply to my concrete case here. It's not like I
> haven't asked for inclusion more than one time and when it's permanently
> ignored or rejected then there must be something wrong. And it's
> definately not from my side. What else can I do than asking a few times
> and if it's ignored - to make an own conclusion that there must be
> something wrong at the root of it ? The reasons are simple and easy
> 'bias', 'control' and 'internal arrangement'. There is no chance for me
> to do ANYTHING about that. It is impossible.

So are you saying there is a conspiracy in GNOME to hinder your

> I want to have the people understand the problem here. The general
> problem. After investigating into this I only figured out that the
> release team has no rotation as it is described on the Webpage which I
> am worried about. I do believe that rotation will grant chances for
> other projects as well.

I disagree with you.  You might have encountered a very localized
problem, but it is definitely not a generalized problem.  Let me give
you some examples.  In the 5 years the GDP has been a project within
GNOME there have been 5 'fearless leaders.'  In the 3 years the membership
committee has been formed there have been over 12 separate people on
the committee.  Luis has turned over all the duties of triaging
bugzilla to a committee of people called the bugsquad.

> Everything else has been written in the reply I gave to John Fleck. It
> was no personal insult or something it was just a good reply that I gave
> to him in the way I see the things. Please participate in a good way to
> discussion since I consider it highly important and I do believe we all
> want to get along nicely here. If that's impossible please let me know.

I have been participating in a constructive way during this
discussion.  I never meant anything I wrote to offend anyone.  I have
been offended by several things you have said.  Please offer
constructive criticism with several concrete examples instead of
making wild generalities about the GNOME project.  I believe through a
measured discussion of the issues we can come to a satisfactory
resolution to your concerns.

Eric Baudais

They give you illusion that has the appearance of truth.  I give you
truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.
                                             --Tennessee Williams

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