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On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 06:37:12AM +0100, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> > John Fleck wrote:
> > In the GNOME 2.0 time frame, Ali for whatever reason made the
> > decision to leave the user docs package out of CVSGnome. This
> > meant that a substantial portion of the docs we had worked so
> > hard to produce were unavailable to CVSGnome users. Ali
> > disagreed, abusively, with my suggestion that this was a
> > problem[1]. That wasn't a build system I could recommend, nor
> > was it a project with which I was interested in having any
> > further involvement.
> If the rotation doesn't really work or the election of boardmembers
> becomes worse with each year (e.g. the lesser people who vote) then
> it's time for a change maybe. Look I am not valuing the people. I
> do believe that you and the other releaseteam members are nice
> persons in real life (well I will include Jeff as well here this
> time) but I think when doing a job for too long that a little bit of
> bias still remains in the head of people and I do see other projects
> to not get the same chance. And you can imagine that I will stand up
> and 'fight' for my chance. But my userbase the people using CVSGnome
> still do not understand why it isn't mentioned.

Is your only example of this "epidemic" in CVSGnome?  If it is your
argument for change is extremely weak.

> That's why I wanted to raise my proposal again that the upper
> instances of GNOME (selfcontrol) is going to accomplish the
> rotation. Germans, as well as Americans, Japan, China, India etc. are
> all part of GNOME, the people contributing to it, the people making
> religion around it. If there is a problem for people keep voting or
> a problem for people found for rotation then there may be something
> wrong in the way the things gonna be presented in the public.

I'd appreciate you give some more examples of his type of behavior in
GNOME.  Your point with CVSGnome has been made.  However if only a
single system is the problem then maybe the person promoting the
system is at fault instead of the GNOME project as a whole.

FYI, John was only a member of the release team for one release cycle.
However he did write the release notes for 3 releases of GNOME because
nobody else wanted to write them.  Did you try to help proofread the
release notes during this time?  Did you ask the docs team to alter to
release notes to add CVSGnome?  Or did you just complain on OSNews
about it?

Eric Baudais

They give you illusion that has the appearance of truth.  I give you
truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.
                                             --Tennessee Williams

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