Re: Issues cooperation

    3. ggobi: Listed under "Other" because its components have different
    licences:  AT&T Open Source License, GPL, BSD, LGPL.  I don't know if
    the AT&T one qualifies as free software.

I've checked, and it doesn't--that is what makes it a real issue.

    4. Gibbon: Listed under "Other" because its components are a mixture of
    LGPL and the phpShop license.  I just skimmed through the latter very
    quickly and I *think* it may have an advertising clause.

The advertising clause is incompatible with the GPL but does not make
the code non-free.  So perhaps Gibbon is not a problem.  I could tell
you for certain if you send me a copy of the phpShop license.  The
license of php is ok, but that of phpShop may be something different.

Using Docbook as a standard instead of Texinfo is one example of
divergence on standards.  GNOME developers did not discuss this issue
with me or even tell me that they were going to disregard a
long-established GNU standard--I found out only by accident.  I
proposed a compromise to resolve the divergence, that using Docbook
for the source is ok if it can be converted automatically into a good
Texinfo file.

Just recently I heard that GNOME is telling people to use a program
called popt instead of GNU getopt; whether that raises any real issue,
I don't know yet, but I hope we can have discussions before such
decisions in the future.

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