Re: Issues cooperation

Your description of the FSF and GNU needs a third item
to present the whole situation:

	FSF - Free Software Foundation, exists to promote free software
	GNU - Gnu's Not Unix - FSF project to create a Unix-like system.
	GNOME - the desktop part of the GNU system

    As for GNU - if it exists as a separate project, it seems to have both
    a control-freakery and a self-publicity problem, and thus should in no
    way be promoted.[1]

Every large software project has technical standards and design goals,
and every large software project wants its work to be known by its
name.  The GNU Project does these things, and GNOME does them too.
For instance, the GNOME symbol appears on the bar at the top of the

We can't publicize the GNU system this way; when people start it, it
usually says "Linux" and not "GNU".  So we have to look for other
methods and ask for your help.

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