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<quote who="Aleksey Sanin">

> Free software != GPLed / LGPLed software. Mozilla, OpenSSL, Apache and lot
> of other free software have non-GPL compatible licenses
> (
> Does this mean that GNOME project should reject it and any code derived
> from it? Personally I think that this will not help GNOME. IMHO,
> restrictions do not help to move forward.

It would be inordinately hard for us to integrate non-(L)GPL compatible code
into GNOME when our Developer Platform is primarily LGPL'ed whilst our
Desktop and other releases are primarily GPL'ed.

  (Note that Mozilla is almost entirely MPL/GPL/LGPL'ed, and thus entirely
  compatible with GNOME Platform and Desktop licenses.)

This is not a matter of stubbornness or self-imposed restrictions - it's the
basic reality of working with multiple Free Software licenses.

- Jeff

     "I don't even understand offside so I'm not likely to understand a     
                 Manchester United contract." - Posh Spice                  

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