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Le lun 04/11/2002 à 21:47, gegl [ ] a écrit :

> Summary:
> I am your leader. You will vote for me. Your loyalty the cause will be
> rewarded with
>         o       Easter eggs in the style guide rules
>         o       Replacement of "themes" with crude line drawings
>         o       Mandatory GEGL logo's for all member companies
>         o       The requirement to buy GEGL cuddly toys
>         o       The replacement of the phone conference. Its deeply
>                 unfair as a phone is hard for a GEGL to use.

What ? After all the usability fuss, you want to make us believe there's
still someone somewhere unable to participate to the Grand GNOME Scheme
just because (s)he's different ?
I don't buy that. It must be a scam.

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