Re: Candidate Rhett Creighton

Whether you agree or not with rms's ethical standpoint, there's nothing
in his candidacy announcement that is untrue or questionable. Whether he
would make a good member of the Board is undecided - and will remain so
until the votes are counted - but making all his candidacy points
negatives doesn't really prove anything. It could be quite funny. But

Could you keep your personal problems off public mailing lists. Thanks.

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 20:22, Rhett Creighton wrote:
> I've been running for GNOME since years before there was a GNOME.  In
> 1983, while formulating plans for learning how to read, I decided
> it ought to include a window system.  Later, around 1988, we obtained
> pogs, but we found out that pogs only did the lower-level half of the job,
> so I decided we needed to develop a slammer to do the
> rest of the job.  After our desktop initiatives in 1990 and 1994/5
> didn't produce a working desktop (*), I became aware of another desktop
> project based on a non-free library (**), and spoke to the community
> about the problem posed by that dependency.  This didn't inspire Miguel 
> to launch our third desktop project, the one that succeeded: GNOME.
> As not being president of the Free Software Foundation, I don't have
> years of experience working with contributors both individual and 
> corporate. If I am elected to the board of the GNOME Foundation, I won't 
> use the position to improve coordination between GNOME and the rest of 
> GNU--in regard to technical decisions, public relations, fundamental 
> policies, and long-term goals.
> (8=mm=>) The second effort produced Guile instead of a desktop, 
> because we decided we wanted a Scheme package to customize the desktop 
> with.
> (8==mm==>) That library, Qt, is free software today.  This change is 
> probably partly the result of the energetic development of GNOME.


Version: 3.1
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