Re: Candidate Rhett Creighton

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 15:17, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> Whether you agree or not with rms's ethical standpoint, there's nothing
> in his candidacy announcement that is untrue or questionable. Whether he
> would make a good member of the Board is undecided - and will remain so
> until the votes are counted - but making all his candidacy points
> negatives doesn't really prove anything. It could be quite funny. But
> wasn't.
> Could you keep your personal problems off public mailing lists. Thanks.

IIRC, he has been our token "joke" candidate each year (see previous
candidacy announcement archives).  Given that history, I don't think he
was genuinely taking a stab at RMS, but rather this was just his way of
announcing his candidacy.  Personally, I thought it was funny in that
ridiculous kind of way :)

Nate Case <nd kracked com>

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