Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results


>     I'm sorry.  Why do people insist on waiting until AFTER the facts to voice 
>     their opinions ?
> Please don't use name-calling for your arguments.

I missed the bit where I called names ;)

>  The reason people
> are voicing opinions now is because we are commenting on a problem
> that just recently happened.  Nobody was "waiting".

I don't know - the ballots get sent out with clear instructions and nobody 
among the 200+ people who got one complained about them being confusing.  
If you take the time to read it through - which anyone should, IMO, since 
this vote is important, not just a random mail clogging up the INBOX - 
then it's pretty clear to me what the instructions said. 

> clearer in the future.  I didn't send that mail to foundation-list
> because that seemed unnecessary.

If it didn't seem necessary then I don't see why it is now. 

> That's no reason we shouldn't do the right thing now.

The "right thing" to do is something that could be dragged out for a long 
time, and IMO it is disrepectful to the people who handle the vote in the 
first place.  They spend enough time on a basically simple issue as it is.  
It works with a script.  The script counts votes.  We use computers to 
avoid manual labor.  Why go back ? Let's have some respect for the people 
who try to follow the rules and do a good job of it as objectively as 
possible.  Rules that were put forth by the community.



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