Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 00:06, Miles Lane wrote:

> It would be more work to set up a web interface, but I don't think it
> would be significantly more work for the voters.  We can all cut and paste.
> It would likely be less error prone, since you can have script that 
> prevents
> a person from voting for the same person more than once and only allows
> the selection of 11 or fewer names.
> Probably my favorite solution is having the ID in the Subject: field, 
> though.

Every year about this time there is a flurry of discussion about voting
systems and methods, and there are always some great ideas flying
around.  Sadly, the one thing we don't ever have is the time to develop
and test such systems.

The current system works well because it is reasonably simple, generally
not easy to break, and produces solid results - which have never in fact
been questioned during its history.

Having said that, there may be room to play with the wording and layout
of the ballot. Not sure this year's form was actually much different in
layout than previous years however.

I would personally rather see the limited resources of the Membership &
Elections Committee involved in working on a better, more secure way of
storing membership data during the coming year.


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