LGPL fonts


We seem to have some good news in the font front:


[ Thanks to Anand Singh Bisen for this link. ]

    "Two school students, Avneesh Chhabra (15) and Shivaas Gulati (15)
designed a Hindi Devanagri font for an inter-school contest. They won
the event, received assurances from Microsoft that the Seattle-based
company may be interested in licensing the fonts from them, and then, on
25 November 2002, decided nevertheless to publish the fonts under the
freedom-based Lesser Gnu Public License (LGPL)..."

    "The fonts will be published on the Indian Linux User Group Delhi
website, http://www.linux-delhi.org, and people across the world are
free to download, to use, and to modify, and to modify the fonts as they
feel fit, under the LGPL license (www.gnu.org for more info.)

    "The decision to release it under the LGPL has been made by them so
that those making embedded systems that may not be published under
GLP-ed firmware, such as cellphones, handheld computing devices,
consumer digital/electronic devices, etc. could still use the fonts
under the terms of the LGPL license..." 

Complete Story: http://linux-delhi.org/cgi-bin/dlug/dlug.cgi

Unfourtunately, the dlug.cgi seems to be failing right now...


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