Re: Non-free software and GNOME

On Fri, 2001-10-19 at 07:05, Christian Schaller wrote:

> RMS replied telling us that he disagreed with my argument and saying the
> we are legitimatizing the use of non-free software by mentioning it. 
> I left it at that, but today RMS remailed us today asking us to confirm
> that we will not mention non-free software anymore.

hi christian,

	thanks for working on the gnome summaries. i usually try to look over
them, regardless of how busy i am. i don't really feel i've contributed
enough code lately to have a large voice, but something does make me
wonder. i'm not playing even a strong, or even mediocre devil's
advocate, but something makes me wonder...

	would a disclaimer citing that gnotices/gnome summaries don't cover
proprietary software be considered a "reference" to non-free software?
RMS presents one extreme side of the argument. i support his cause, and
share his desires, but simultaneously agree with your argument that
people can best achieve this result through more moderate means.


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