The state of anoncvs


i am writing this in an attempt to raise the level of awareness about
the current state of the gnome anoncvs, and also try to persuade the
foundation board members to put the question on the board's agenda in a
not so distant future.

as many of you probably know currently has a
round-robin setup of 3 servers which are supposed to mirror the contents
of once on every 24 hours. 

in the last year or so (at least as long as i've been following) it has
been proven that this setup does not work all that well. 
	- on many ocasions the three anoncvs servers have been out of sync with
each other, so much that it has become a rule no to trust but rather rely on one of anoncvs[1|3|4]
	- 24 hours delay is too much for many of the active projects in cvs.
this has come up numerous times in the irc sessions between  developers
and users on and on the mailing lists.

i believe this is hurting the gnome project as a whole. it is a barrier
(no matter how small) to all potential contributors and i dont think
that gnome as a comunity project can afford the luxury of alienating
even one of them by having such an important part of its infrastructure
in such a bad shape.


p.s. and no, i dont have the necessary bandwidth and hardware to help
substantially, i have never run servers busy as and my
thoughts on how to remedy the situation can be considered pure
speculation. my layman ideas on how to fix it will go to the
gnome-sysadmin list.

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