Re: "Friends of GNOME"

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 01:27, Tim Ney wrote:
    	>   * Partner:
    	>       * Benefits of "Booster"
    	>       * Receive framed print of GNOME foot
            (signed by TigerT ?)
    TigerT's signature certainly would make the prints special.  

Mmmh, if people want, I could sign a bunch of these when I get to Boston
soonish. But I also wonder if we should have Miguel sign it as well?
Lets just not have a vote to decide whose signature we should put on it
though :-)

It could also be some kind of a "diploma" styled thing if you know what
I mean? "_________ is a very special friend of the GNOME project and
blah blah ... signed: Foo J. Bar, GNOME Project". Would be pretty easy
to design something like this and have digiprints made at once, and we
could sign them at once, and one could then later fill in the sponsor
name with a printer (using a template so it aligns :) or by hand.

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