Re: "Friends of GNOME"

	>   * Partner:
	>       * Benefits of "Booster"
	>       * Receive framed print of GNOME foot

        (signed by TigerT ?)

TigerT's signature certainly would make the prints special.  

	Questions with my business world hat on

	At what level do people get
        - Logo displayed on the gnome web site cycled with others of
          suitable level

Right now there is a GNOME Foundation Advisory Board for which the entry
level point for companies is $10,000 per year.  Paid Advisory Board
members are entitled to logo placement on the website.

	- Entry in a new scrolling 'Additional funding by' box in 	 	 

        - Free inclusion with handouts from gnome foundation booths at
          events (and I can see this one being dependant on size of 	 	 

Good additions.



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