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On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 09:09:31AM +1300, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> > It is easy to disagree about what was best to do in a remote
> > situation.  The problem is that when you are far away from the
> > situation, you can easily overlook some of the factors that made other
> > alternatives difficult.  Distance tends to make it easier to criticize
> > any decision, and harder to defend one.
> As does time, but there is very little that anyone can do to convince me
> that emacs (it's just a text editor when boiled down, and one I use a
> little) is/was the most important thing going.

Could we kill this emacs thread?  Just because you dislike emacs doesn't mean
that Richards decisions was/are wrong.  Even if they were wrong then (note
the 'if', I don't have any reason to believe they were), it has absolutely
nothing to do with the subject at hand which is if Richard is to serve on the
board of the GNOME foundation.

I'm not supporting RMS for the board, but not because he likes emacs.  While
some may think that having worked on emacs is a crime punishable by death, I
don't think it should disqualify people from the board.

The whole editor flame war is so .... old.  And as we all know vim is the
best editor so there's no point in arguing :)


PS: Now was this mail pouring water or gasoline on the fire?

George <jirka 5z com>
   When they kick at your front door, how're you gonna come?
   With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?
                                         -- The Clash

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