Re: Questions

Mr. Brown-Bayliss, I don't know how to best
characterize your response to RMS... Let me just say
it is funny.

--- Rob Brown-Bayliss <on_the_net clear net nz> wrote:
> > Anyway, if you're worried about these few
> instances, I can set your
> > mind at ease.
> > 
> > Our first desktop attempt was aborted because I
> had to put the
> > developer (an FSF staff employee) on another
> project just a few weeks
> > later.  (The Emacs maintainer was hired away and
> gave 2 weeks notice.)
> This is exactly what I am concerned about, you
> aborted the first attempt
> because of a text editor.

Mr. Brown-Bayliss, are you being reasonable?  You
don't consider the context, the time and the place and
your description is simplistic.

> I feel that your todo list is in the wrong order,
> surely you could have
> carried on with out an emacs maintainer for a few
> weeks (whilst looking
> for a new one), and left the other developer working
> on teh desktop?

This is nitpicking.

Looking narrowly, just at your previous messages, one
can say you are the one not reasonable here.  By
comparsion, RMS, some say of being harsh at people, is
much nicer here.

Looking broadly, Mr. Brown-Bayliss, you are
communicating with a great man in history, who created
Emacs (the editor used by most computer science
students), gcc (the most widely used C/C++ compiler in
the world), gdb, the GPL (the document that is
changing the world), who coined the term Posix, and
whose software (gcc, binutils, etc.) all free Unix
(and many proprietary Unix) software users relie on
for their system. Steve Jobs of Apple relies on his
software (gcc) as the system compiler of Mac OS X, and
Bill Gates has to address concerns over the GPL and
name the Free Software Foundation explicitly in
Microsoft's shareholder meetings. Mr. Stallman, for
his faults and shortcomings, has had more successes
and exercised more leadership than most men in their
lifetime.  By picking on the hurd or some other
"failures", one is not being fair.

Mr. Brown-Bayliss, in front of a great man who someday
may rank on par with people like George Washington in
the history books, you should be more humble.

>   Rob Brown-Bayliss

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