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On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 08:02:24AM -0700, Richard Stallman was heard to remark:
>        - should the GNOME project requires that Bonobo components be released
> 	 under the LGPL to be part of the platform (I tend to think so)
> Miguel and I based our decision of the GNOME policies on the free
> software goal.  We decided that low-level and general-purpose library
> components use the LGPL, while higher level and more specialized
> libraries use the GPL so as to provide an advantage to free software.
> See for more

This is well & good, and if we can get tempers to cool a bit, 
I think it will be time to move the debate to the next level.   

The 'bonobo components' issue is a sufficiently confusing one that 
it is worthwhile to have Gnome (and/or FSF) write a clarifying FAQ 
(if not adopt some policy) as to how to proceed.  Is a bonobo component 
a library? or is it an application?  Well, its kind of both.  As long 
as its 'both', its confusing.   Even if everyone was in 100% agreeement
on the GPL/LGPL/MIT license debate, it would still be confusing. 

So we need to untangle this enough to clarify the technical issues,
draft some proposals as to how to apply given licenses, and, assuming
we are not dysfunctional, get this information recorded on the Gnome 
web site.

I am particularly concerned about this last point.  We may reach some 
consensus on the mailing list, but unless this gets summarized and
published on, the debate will unravel and restart in a few


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