Re: Account Policies

Owen Taylor wrote:
> >       A need for this I think should be separated from the question of
> > email aliases.
> I would agree. If we want to have email aliases for cvs accounts, they
> should be specicially for that purpose ... cvs-owen gnome org or whatever.

If I might give a proposal for how these addresses could be like, common
practice among other CVS setups seems to be something of the sort

	cvsaccount cvs domain

as a mail alias to the mail address the user registered when applying
for the cvs account.
I.e, in the case of GNOME that would be owen cvs gnome org,
menthos cvs gnome org etc, and visibly different from
aliases. Also simple and easy to remember when you want to contact a
specific CVS user from just reading the commit message.


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