Tim Ney joins the foundation


Today we announced that we've hired Tim Ney as Director of the GNOME
Foundation. Lots of people already know Tim from his work with the
FSF; if you haven't met him, the press release (at
http://www.gnome.org/pr-ney_execdir.html) briefly summarizes his
background. Tim started work recently, and will be based in Boston;
Ximian has kindly donated a desk and phone for him to use.

Tim will be playing two roles; on the one hand, he's going to help out
with administrative/organizational details such as the foundation bank
account, attending trade shows, and organizing GNOME-specific events
such as GUADEC or hackfests; on the other hand, he's going to be an
advocate and contact point for the Foundation, talking to
organizations about how they can benefit from or contribute to the
GNOME Project.

Please give Tim a warm welcome!


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