Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

* Bart Decrem (bart eazel com) wrote at 16:06 on 29/09/00:
> Good point.  How do other people feel about
> 1- posting daily interim voting results.  The advantage is that it allows
> subsequent voters to tweak their votes in order to achieve a more balanced board.
> The disadvantage is described by Phil below;
> 2- keeping the mailing list archives closed while the election is running.  We can
> easily disable the archives and provide access to it at the end of the elections
> if people prefer that.

I actually do not think it is a good idea to show which people voted for who
(it becomes worse with voting for individuals because you are saying "I favor
person A over person B" instead of "I favor group A over group B"). 

I understand that this is 'needed' though to 'ensure' the results of the
election are not tampered with. In the future though, I think we should work on
a secret ballot system.


> Phil Schwan wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 08:39:12PM -0700, Bart Decrem wrote:
> > > Optional: If people like my amendment to Jon and Dan's idea, the script would
> > > spit out an election update every day during the 7 days of  the election.
> > > That way you can see what the board might look like before you cast your
> > > vote.  That might help us get a more balanced board.
> >
> > I feel compelled to mention that I disagree with the notion of being able
> > to see results before the end of the voting (there's a reason that early
> > reporting is illegal in some countries).  I think that people should be
> > voting because they believe that people will do a good job, and not
> > because they're influenced by prior voters.  I also believe that the
> > early availability of results will decrease the number of people who
> > actually bother to vote.
> >
> > Now, if the voting list is going to be totally open during the entire
> > process, then I guess my point is somewhat moot (though I still disagree
> > about making it any easier to gather those statistics).
> >
> > -Phil
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