Re: GNOME Foundation elections!

Alan Cox wrote:

> Well we could debug the election processing with a vote on whether to have
> slates or not ..

My concern would be that *that* vote would then require a whole bunch of
process of its own: would we have to announce it to the world, post all the
arguments pro/con, wait a while, have a week for the election etc?  In
general, I don't like a lot of derivative process (process about process)
since it's too resource-consuming.

But if we want to do a quick up/down vote on the slates idea, or better yet,
on the entire charter, that sounds like a good idea.  My preference would be
to do an up or down vote on the entire charter because there's tons of stuff
in there and I'd love to hear from the silent majority on this list about how
we're doing overall.  People who feel strongly against the slates idea would
just vote down on the entire charter, and send us back to the drawing board.
Maybe we can do it over the next two days and just advertise it on this list,
which has been broadly publicized and has hundreds of members.  So we'd just
set up a mailman list to collect votes, ask the question, and take votes over
maybe a 2 day period.

Also, perhaps people want to avoid setting a precedent of using voting to
resolve issues generally (as opposed to limit voting to the election of a


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