** Last call for summaries **

We still need summaries for many of the candidates.  We have decided to
extend the deadline until 12:00 noon pacific time on Tuesday. (I think
this is 7PM GMT.)  If a candidate does not submit a summary by this time,
the elections committee will create one for them based on their candidacy
statement.  Any statement which is over 75 words will be edited down to 75
words or less.

I would like to point out that we will not be able to preserve the
formatting of summary statements.  Candidates should expect their
summaries to be re-formatted into paragraph form if they are not already
in this form. (ie. bulletted lists will have to be made in-line lists.)
Any candidate who wishes to revise a previously submitted summary to
accomodate this is welcome to do so.

Please remember to include your corporate affiliation if applicable.

Please email all summaries to elections gnome org 


On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Bart Decrem wrote:

> Dear candidates for the GNOME board of directors,
> Thanks so much for your willingness to throw your hat into the ring for
> the elections!
> There's one more thing we need you to do: we need all candidates to
> submit a 75 word max summary of their candidacy statement and state
> their corporate affiliation(s), if any, for the record.  Please send
> those materials to elections gnome org   We need them for a one-page
> summary of all the candidates.
> We need these by end of day on Monday (that's midnight pacific time, or
> 9 am on Tuesday in much of Europe).  If we do not receive your summary
> by then, the membership committee will use a snippet from your full
> candidacy statement instead and try to figure out your corporate
> affiliation by itself.  Statements that exceed 75 words will be edited
> down.
> Next Wednesday, we will post a full listing of all the candidates on
> Gnotices and foundation-announce.  The listing will include a brief
> summary of what the election is about, each candidate's name, their
> summary statement, link to their full statement, and corporate
> affiliation.
> Cheers,
> Bart

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