Re: Candidacy Nomination - John Heard


I want to encourage people to vote for John. He's a relative newcomer
to the GNOME Project, but IMO is an essential board member.

One of the most important tasks facing the GNOME Foundation board is
to improve communication and organization. I would say that one of the
biggest challenges in this category over the next year is that of
adding 100 or so Sun developers to the 300+-member existing
project. We want these Sun developers to be integral members of the
project: posting to and reading lists, participating in design
discussions, and of course doing technical work. If they aren't "in
the loop" then this won't happen.

By electing a Sun representative to the board, we can be sure that Sun
stays in close contact with the GNOME leadership. John's an excellent
choice for such a representative; he has a lot of experience from both
a technical and management standpoint, and he's been great to deal
with so far while setting up the foundation. He's taking an active
interest in the technical issues and day-to-day management of the
project (one thing I've noticed is that he's on e.g. the GConf devel
mailing list, not just on the obvious lists).

Anyway, I hope people will seriously consider casting a vote for John,
I think it would go a long way toward making it easier to get Sun
pulling in the same direction as the rest of the project and thus help
us meet our goals more quickly.


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