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On 19 Oct 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> There are many possibilities for collaboration. While a common window
> manager spec is being worked on, a common component model is currently
> not. There were various discussions about this on various levels, but 
> nothing came of them.

        Murble, murble. You see the thing is a common component model
would be an excellent thing for free software, but we have to get both
sides to want to merge. Another problem is that Bonobo is heavily
committed to using CORBA and the KDE guys have rejected this quite
wholeheartedly in the past.

        But... I imagine that as we develop more components that could be
happily re-used in either direction, the impetus from developers will grow
to be able to share them, and that the neccessary hacks will be done to   
bridge one way to the other. Once this has been done we can start to look 
at accomodating each other more fully. Luckily CORBA insulates us from the
religious C / C++ war to a certain extent which is promising.

        I have no bitterness on this issue, and the KDE developers I know
would be receptive to constructive movement on this front. The thing is  
that they have to want it, and this means there being demonstrable
advantages for KDE in the concrete. I think this might become feasible
during the GNOME 1.4 timeframe when Nautilus, Evolution and the gnumeric /
guppi3 combo ( and of course all the other great components in gnome-db,  
sodipodi, dia, achtung, eog, etc. etc. ) become stable and widely


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