Re: KDE - GNOME Components

>         I have no bitterness on this issue, and the KDE developers I know
> would be receptive to constructive movement on this front.

yes, they are receptive. I recently proposed, in the koffice list, that they
used libgda (the DB access part of GNOME-DB, which is now 99.99%
GNOME-independent) for their katabase stuff, and although they didn't commit
to use it as their only DB access framework, mainly because they say it's
quite difficult to use a ORB on KDE, we agreed on having a bridge between
their DB access framework and libgda. Nothing's done about this, but I found
the KDE people (well, koffice people) very receptive and willing to

> The thing is
> that they have to want it, and this means there being demonstrable
> advantages for KDE in the concrete. I think this might become feasible
> during the GNOME 1.4 timeframe when Nautilus, Evolution and the gnumeric /
> guppi3 combo ( and of course all the other great components in gnome-db,
> sodipodi, dia, achtung, eog, etc. etc. ) become stable and widely
> available.

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