deadline for candidacies / 75 word summary statements needed

Hi everyone,

A reminder that all candidate statements need to be submitted by end of
day on Monday, and we'll make that Midnight California time, which is 9
am on Tuesday morning in big chunks of Europe.

**Also, we need all candidates to submit a 75 word max summary of their
candidacy statement and state their corporate affiliation(s), if any,
for the record.  Please send those materials to elections gnome org **

We need these also by end of day on Monday.  If we do not receive your
summary by then, the membership committee will use a snippet from your
full candidacy statement instead and try to figure out your corporate
affiliation by itself.  Statements that exceed 75 words will be edited

If you will be announcing your candidacy in the remaining days, please
include the 75 word summary and state your corporate affiliation at the
end of your candidacy statement.

Next Wednesday, we will post a full listing of all the candidates on
Gnotices and foundation-announce.  The listing will include a brief
summary of what the election is about, each candidate's name, their
summary statement, link to their full statement, and corporate



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