Re: Candidacy (Michael Meeks), I'm still totaly misunderstood <sob>

On Thursday 19 October 2000 06:41 pm, you wrote:
> I also agree that we need to work better with KDE. I hope the
> foundation board can take the lead on that sort of thing.
I entirely agree!  To be honest, it seems like 99% of the desktop bashing 
comes from the non-developer's side.  I think it's time that we put our 
differences behind us and try to work together a little bit more than we do 
"Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the impending destruction
of the planet Earth and had made many attempts to alert mankind to the danger;
but most of their communications were misinterpreted as amusing attempts to
punch footballs..." - Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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