Candidacy (Ariel Rios)

I want to nominate myself for a seat in the Board of Directors.

I have been working with GNOME since the very
first years of the project and start to develop actively in the project
since two years ago in various parts of the project:

-Current maintainer of gnome-guile and guile-gtk modules,
and have worked in favour of language bindings in GNOME.
-I was a maintainer of gb for a short period of time.
-Maintainer of galway web editor
-Maintainer of the glibwww package
-Maintainer of the gnumeric's guile plugin
-I have contributed code to gtkhtml 
-I am from Mexico so I can represent the Hispanoamerican region.
-I have also given numerous speeches in favour of GNOME and Free Software
in Canada, USA and Mexico.
-I have attended several trade-shows representing GNOME and GNU with
-Due to my involvement in gnome-guile, I have proposed
the usage of Scheme and GNOME as a mean to replacing 
JAVA in elementary programming courses in several colleges.

I do not work for any corporation and I wish to represent
no other interests besides GNOME and those of Free Software.

I do believe in freedom and equality among all of the members
of the GNOME community.

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