Re: GNOME Foundation leadership

Hi Christian,

I'm pretty sure Miguel will announce his candidacy, but he just hasn't
gotten around to it yet.

In terms of who the GNOME leaders are, I would say that Miguel will always
be the founder of GNOME (along with Federico), and one of the leaders of
GNOME.  But there are other leaders in GNOME as well (Havoc Pennington and
others come to mind).  All those folks will continue to play leadership
roles, and the Board of Directors will be the place where all those folks
come together to collective provide leadership for GNOME.  In order to have
an effective board, I believe that the board will need a Chairperson, who
runs meetings etc.  That Chair does not necessarily have to always be the
spokesperson.  I think the board should appoint a chair after its election,
since that's really an internal administrative matter.


Christian Schaller wrote:

> Hi,
> I have noticed that Miguel de Icaza hasn't announced his candidacy,
> which have led to the following questions popping up in my head:
> a) Will Miguel automatically be on the GNOME foundation board based on
> being the leader of the GNOME project?
> b) In the future will the position of GNOME leader come from being the
> leader of the GNOME Foundation board, or will it be the other way around
> that being the leader of of GNOME also makes you the leader of the GNOME
> Foundation.  Or will these to positions not be related at all.
> c) If Miguel being the leader of the GNOME project doesn't automatically
> become the leader of the GNOME Foundation, will the GNOME Foundation
> have a leader and if so how will he\she be elected?
> Christian
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