Re: Random thoughts on this elections (was Re: Candidacy (Michael Meeks))

Hi Martin,

I think the Overview that Dan Mueth wrote
( does a reasonably good job
explaining what the board is and what we're looking for in board
candidates.  We do have a very open candidacy process, but I trust that
we'll end up with a great group of candidates and that the GNOME
community will be able to figure out which of us candidates belong on
the board. Do you think something else is needed?


Martin Baulig wrote:
> Michael Meeks <michael helixcode com> writes:
> > * Random thoughts on this election
> >
> >       It worries me that so many non-hackers have put themselfs up
> > as candidates for board membership. [ _hacker_ hereinafter refers to
> > any or all of documenter, UI designer, artist, translator, and coder
> > ]. Here is an ( unfortunately negative ) list of people I think we
> > _don't_ need on the board:
> Hi guys,
> I think Michaels candidacy has brought up a very interesting and a very
> important topic: the fact that there seems to be a misunderstanding about
> what this election is good for and an even larger misunderstanding about
> what the board of directors of the GNOME Foundation is supposed to do.
> Michael, I fully agree with your concerns and I think we need to take
> action here and tell people what this election is about. Since our
> membership requirements are so lax we'll also get a larger number of
> non-technical people vote and there may be even some `users' who're just
> doing some "advocacy" to vote.
> --
> Martin Baulig
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> baulig suse de (work)
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