Re: Candidacy (Eskil Heyn Olsen)

Dear Eskil,

Your heartfelt candidacy statement brought tears to my eyes.


eskil eazel com wrote:
> Oy...
> Because of my coworkers nagging and toensure that there's enough
> candidates
> to actually make the election meaningful, I'll nominate myself.
> But ; I dislike politics and would rather spend my time doing real stuff
> rather then
> gnome-* gnome org email bickering, so I do not think I'll be a fantastic
> foundation
> member. There you have it.
> The candidacy yadayada  (short, I don't want to waste your time) ;
> I'm Eskil, one of the two gnome-pilot maintainers (meaning I've been
> hacking gnome
> since June 1998), Being snatched up by Eazel, I moved from Denmark to
> USA, and
> therefore now hack Nautilus related  stuff fulltime. Other merits must
> speak for
> themselves.
> 'nuffsaid.
> /dev/eskil
> ---
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