Candidacy Annoucement


I'd like to annouce my candidacy for a seat on the 
GNOME Foundation board.

	My name is Josh Barrow.  You all probably know 
me better as Carbamide from Gimpnet.  I started using 
GNOME in mid 1999.  That's relative new compared to some
of the candidates that have annouced themselves.  I feel 
that this is an advantage, as I have a relatively new view on things.  
	When I first started using Linux, I used KDE.  I knew 
that there had to be something better than that for 
an operating system that was supposed to be the alternative to 
Microsoft Windows.  KDE is not what I wanted, so I turned 
to GNOME.  At the time, I was using Slackware, and GNOME 
was not an easy install.  At the time, GNOME's version was 1.0.4.  
It's amazing how far we've came, isn't it?
	In late '99, I began to hear about a new file manager for 
GNOME called GNOME-FM.  I had to find out what all this was 
about, so I learned how to use CVS and checked GNOME-FM 
out.  At the time, GNOME-FM was very unfunctional, and to put it 
bluntly, useless.  However, I saw that it had a future.  I began 
tracking GNOME-FM's progress on a daily basis.  When the 
development was switched over to Eazel, I became even more 
excited about GNOME.  I knew from the base employees of Eazel 
that GNOME 1.4 and GNOME 2.0 we're going to be truely amazing.
	You see, I'm not a technical person.  I prefer to call things 
documents and folders instead of files and directories.  Lots 
of people seem to think that this is a weakness of some sorts, but 
I tend to disagree with them.  I feel that this is the strongest point 
that I bring with my candidacy.  I am indeed a user.  
	At Eazel, my job is doing quality assurance work for Nautilus and 
Medusa, but I've also done user interface and graphic design work 
as well.  I feel that if you elect me, I will take a sense of human 
interface/user interface and a sense of an actual user, as opposed 
to the throngs of developers that have already annouced their 
	If you, the GNOME users, elect me, I will do my absolute best to serve
your needs.

	If you'd like to get to know me a bit better, I'm almost always on 
Gimpnet (,I use the nickname "Carbamide", or you can 
e-mail me, josh eazel com 

Thank you.

Josh Barrow

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