Re: candidacy (Bart Decrem)

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:

> Hi,
> Since Bart isn't a hacker and maybe isn't a "big name" you were
> already planning to vote for, I'd like to post briefly and tell why
> I'd vote for him to be on the board.

I'd like to do the same. Since Havoc and Miguel have both already
strongly endorsed Bart, perhaps it's pointless for me to add my voice
to the mix, so I will be brief. But I think just the fact that Bart
has so impressed Miguel, Havoc, myself, and so many others is worthy
of note in itself.

Bart understands our values as a community and shares many of them
himself. At the same time, he has more organization skills and
consensus-building ability than most of the rest of us put together.
He also has the willingness and ability to really get in touch with
the community.

Most importantly, he knows how to talk to different groups of people
on their own level. He's been involved in the nonprofit world, and the
business world, and knows how to navigate both effectively.

In light of all this, the opportunity to have Bart on the board is
simply too good to pass up. I think his presence on the board will
help make for a strong, independent GNOME Foundation that is true to
it's ethical principles and to it's community roots. Please consider
giving Bart your vote.

 - Maciej

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